Logos Quiz

Logos Quiz 4.6

Can you guess what the brand is from the logo?


  • Lots of levels
  • Guessing logos is fun for a while


  • No hints
  • Uninspiring game design
  • Gets boring after a while

Not bad

Logos Quiz tests your knowledge of corporate brands, challenging you to guess their logos.

There are eight different levels in Logos Quiz, each with between 30 and 60 logos to guess. The game starts off very easy, giving you well-known brands such as Facebook, Coca Cola, Nike and BMW, but as you progress through the levels, the logos get more and more obscure.

The presentation of Logos Quiz isn't amazing. The design is bland and there's no music or sound effects. It would be nice if there were some hints offered by the game, because logos can get impossibly hard to guess in the later levels. Also, Logos Quiz doesn't tell you the names of the ones you get wrong.

Logos Quiz is fun to play for a while, but you'll soon grow tired of having to tap out the name of every corporation on the keyboard, making sure you've spelled it correctly.

Logos Quiz


Logos Quiz 4.6

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