Logos Quiz

Logos Quiz

Test your knowledge of corporate branding


  • Lots of logos to guess
  • Challenging
  • Attractive presentation


  • Doesn't reveal the answers!

Very good

Logos Quiz is a challenging quiz game, which will test your awareness of company brands.

The game is divided into eight levels, each one containing 80 logos. You need to guess a certain proportion of logos on a level you can move to the next one. All the logos in the Logos Quiz have a piece missing to make them harder to guess. To guess a logo you tap on it then type in your answer. Handily, Logos Quiz will let you know if you're answer is close but the spelling is slightly wrong.

There is a hints system in Logos Quiz, which is very welcome since some of the logos can be tough to get, even on the easier levels (especially if you live outside the US, since a lot of the company's are American-based). There are multiple hints for each logo, but it's not really worth using up your hints allocation after the first hint, because the others usually don't expand very much.

Logos Quiz is very well presented. The logos are very clear, the swiping interface works well, and the custom keyboard is slick too.

Since Logos Quiz never reveals the answers, it can be insanely frustrating if you can't guess one. But still, it's a fun game that you can come back to time and again.

Logos Quiz


Logos Quiz

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  • by Anonymous

    Addictive and frustrating.
    Very addictive but ultimately frustrating!Some are virtually impossible to solve as p...   More